Monday, 30 April 2007

Unispired. Demotivated and far from Involved.

Talk about putting more distance between customer and company! Standard Bank is an expert at that one lately! There is simply no way that their new telephone system was designed to improve customer communication - not matter how it was sold to the board! For those of you that are unaware, there is a new telephone system in place that takes long distance calls to a whole new level!! 

This new 'customer friendly' system has been in place for a few months now (as far as I know) and using it reminds me of another 'fun/efficient' call centre experience.... Vodacom. So I call in and the central person redirects my call to my branch, I am lucky of course if the central person even knows who my business banker is! I have tried to mention his name every time I call, and I get an .....'Er....I'll transfer you to your branch'. Now... not sure what happened at the branch BUT it seems that whoever was answering the phone before [the mass centralisation], no longer thinks the phone is their job, or they are the efficiency! Today I waited 10 mins before someone picked up the phone and I got a really professional 'hello'. For a split second there I thought ' where the hell did I call'....Lets think...... do you think the customer or internal efficiencies were the drivers for this corporate change? 

Ah well, that’s what I call standing up to your brand promise of 'Inspired. Motivated. Involved'. Real authentic.... 
You JUST GOTTA LOVE OUR BANKS, a really empowering lot!

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Hear Hear!