Saturday, 31 March 2007

A new revolution in the new world

Does anyone feel like the world has got 2 big for its boots and is busy being cut down to size? Global warming – (tsunamis, storms, earthquakes), poverty, violence - in particular the kind the crosses the line (against women and children), obesity, HIV/AIDS, cancers, the new war using terrorism, child slaves, corruption to name a few. What the hell is going on?! Was it always like this?

You can’t help but wonder if the global village with access to excess media has exacerbated the problem. We seem to be on a path of destruction that we have created. As a society we want more and more and the moral fabric is clearly decaying. I personally seem to be fighting every day to lead a full, healthy and worthy life that is deep and meaningful, balanced and safe. This word ‘stress’……was this always a fight? Did my grandparents stress so much? I think for them the fight may have been different. Back then the world that was NOT full of everything you could ever want. Feeding your large family in the Industrial Age may have been one of the primary stresses. This was the time when economies were built off people’s backs, not their brains. We have moved through the knowledge age and hopefully we are moving into an age that is a little more creative and community based. We need to care more.

I am not saying that change and progression is not good. I personally love revolutionary thinking that changes the way we behave, BUT there is always a dark side to the bright one. Life is about balance.

In South Africa our problems are no different. We do have one of the highest instances of violent crime in the world and we need to change that. We also have a polarised economy that has more than ¾’s of the population with no real access to good education living in various states of poverty. There are plans in place to rectify these problems but the government can’t do it alone. The broader society needs to contribute, we all need to make a difference, and it won’t happen overnight. We need to look at this new world and learn from the mistakes it has made. Unlike so many other countries, we have been given the opportunity to start afresh. We need to guard against all the horrors the new world has created and embrace the bright opportunities that are so clearly visible. More than anything we need to be confident, authentic and care about each other and our planet.
Why can’t we lead this positive revolution in the world from the shores of the ‘Dark Continent’? We just have to get our minds right!

Friday, 30 March 2007

Fear Factor realised...

Here's a question. What happened to freedom of speech? I believe if people find a TV show/Movie etc etc offensive..... dont watch. Life is more about choices than anything else. Your choices define who you are.

As I am new to the blogging community it concerns me greatly to read about Kathy Sierra (I think American blogger) who has a really nice blogging site and she is currently not blogging in it. Why you ask? Well because of a few sadistic, awful people that crossed the line to death treats and obscenities. Why would someone do this? To become famous... I just dont understand why? If you dont like it dont log in. What type of morals, homes, lives do these people have? What has happened to kindness in the world?

So, blogging gives relative media freedom to anyone and is that not a true democracy? I love the concept, people now owning their own content, being authentic and real and being part of a larger community that most people - especially in SA - dont even know exists. Life is truly not as it seems, this just points out that there is just so much more 2 it! I am 100% sure that everyone has their own drivers (for blogging), ego, fame, therapy but who really cares. As long as it makes you happy! Its kinda like reality TV but rather reality writing. My driver for this blog is knowledge and I suppose in a way therapy. I am interested in what people say and if my thoughts spark a comment or 2 that broaden my horizon then I will be happy. These are simply my views. I am not 2 fussed if people read it or not but if I can make a small postive change in someones life that would be cool!

There is sometimes a little fear factor for me regarding the wackos that stalk in the dark corners of WEB 2.0 but you cant worry about things like that, just as you cant worry about getting knocked over by a bus!! There is way 2 much to worry about in our normal lives anyway! As a person I need to be part of the revolution not sitting on the sidelines in fear (but then again I havent gone through what Kathy went through). We have to stand together! Live a little, be part of the new world... Blogging allows you to break society moulds, dont have to be a techie or a journalist. You just have to be you and have something to say! VIA BLOGGING!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

One flew over SA's Cuckoo's Nest...

EISH! Sorry its time for a soap box moment!
I LOVE my country but I simply DO NOT understand politicians sometimes. This time its Mbeki. I'm just watching CNN (dont normally) and I have just seen that the South African countries come out of a SADC meeting in support of Robert Mug..abe. Please, please tell me this is not true?! This has to just be yank hype??
I agree with SA government that change in Zim has to start from within (that after all is what happened here). South Africa isnt in the Bush..iness of invading countries (with no nuclear weapons...or was it oil?) in an attempt to effect superficial change that will last only as long as the military is in place (that aint change!). People effect change. There has to be an internal revolution.
Heres the soap box howl though... WHY DO WE (SA) HAVE TO SUPPORT THE MUG??!! Why can't we simply condem his actions (oops that would mean we would need to have balls!) With all that SA has gone through to reach a democracy (not to mention the human rights issues) I find it very dissapointing and quite scary that Mbeki cannot come out and tell Mug..abe that he should just STEP DOWN! What is with the boys club? This is not about Africa bucking against the West guys! This is about human rights! Stop being Mugs!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Where has all the time gone?!

Yip. I think there is something in the air! What a day!
Rain seems to make people crazy and forget how to drive! Bloody hell! We need the rain but not the frustrations that come with it. Do you think that 'rain driving' is a South African thing? Does this happen in the States Don?

Being a mother and attempting to run a business is... well lets just say its pretty damn difficult! Being a grown up is really not that much fun at times. CONSTANTLY TRYING TO FIND THE BALANCE! Today is one of those days! I am sure there are hundreds of moms that have these days! A big'ol mom community out there that have all the same experiences. Hats off to the single moms! I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! Big smiles and 'I loves you's' definitely take the pain away at the end of the day though.

Where does time go nowadays anyway? My view.... YIP MY BLOG MY VIEW (how liberating!) All the communication tools available today (this blog being a point in case) just shortens the important time we have for our family and ourselves. Who can do hobbies and cool stuff anymore (without rushing)? Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I have a business that consumes me? I would love to hear if anyone out there has the same time issues? No wonder we have so many different killer sicknesses. No time=no balance diet= fat arse=grumpy moods= stressed out= sick.....NOT COOL! I have to say the thought of a quiet farm far, far away does defiantly appeals to me ALOT, but I ain't a farm gal and would soon tire of that I think (my view on camping is a WHOLE NEW BLOG.. watch this space).

Ah well.. thats that day gone. What better way to finish with a quote to giggle at "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx

The bloggin thing

How very odd blogging is..... I mean really if you think about it. The actual fact that my view (whether its considered interesting or crap) is published in a blink of an eye WITHOUT any censoring...........don't you just LUUUUUV IT!

I had to reprogramme my brain to understand the concept at first. I remember thinking -when I first heard the term- that there was a link with a toilet somewhere! (I think that could be the case in some blogs!)

• Opinion!
• Being able to (at least feel like) you can change the world!
• Being able to feel like I can write a book.. FOR FREE!!! (and feel cool that no one reads it!)
• NO shrink fees... who needs them when the world is reading (or not!)
• Opportunity to inspire!
• Opportunity to keep things real!
• Opportunity to rant!
• Opportunity to SAY ANYTHING!
• I didnt need a degree in journalism!
• The 'wacko' factor was a concern for me.... There are so many odd balls in this global village- opening myself up.~eish scary!
• Believing I needed to be a programmer to do this! (This may be linked to age & a lack of knowledge on the topic in the 1st place. I am after all over the hill in this game at over 30!)
• The world viewing my thoughts! (Over-ruled by my drive to make a difference!)

So here I am.. the new kid on the block! YAHOOOOOOO! (No pun intended!)