Monday, 30 July 2007

Groovy FREE speech mon...

There is an interesting book out called 'The Cult of the Amateur' written by a guy called Andrew Keen. Love him or hate him he has thrown oil on a debate that has been raging for a while. It’s the [snore…snore] same old discussion about the internet and all its ‘woes’ and I just HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING!

As I am a Libran I tend to constantly try balance things. This book [its worth reading the comments on the book link.. some are hilarious!] is his opinion [which needs to be respected] and some of what he says is valid HOWEVER no matter how much people go on about the net and social media it aint going to go away. No matter how many books anyone writes, the whole ‘democratised media’ thing has hit a nerve with more than a few people and nobody can argue that.

In a way I see shades of what the ‘hippy movement’ did in the late 60’s early 70’s to change the social fabric worldwide. Some good, some bad but the world has never been the same since. Different time, similar debate?
I am grateful that things like blogging have given consumers a voice to challenge service delivery in the business world. I am not fond of using any medium to hurt others [I don’t think most people really have that intention- maybe its that old story of a few ruining it for the rest]. I like free speech… my view is if you don’t like it don’t read/watch it. Companies that are using blogs for ‘spin doctoring’ purposes, as Andrew mentions, will soon be caught out and the damage could be enormous. I think that real bloggers hold integrity and authenticity above all else and would not sell their souls… [yip I am a little bit of an idealist]

This is an out there question but is the web not really a reflection of life, in all its glory and ugliness? You tend to find what you want to see…

We live in a fast paced, ever changing world. The Internet is probably assisting with entrenching a degree of anti social behavior but we need to be aware of that and try work our way around things by using it as a tool for connecting differently. I love the freedom of my ‘little space’ [no pun intended] and I would hate to have to 'conform' BUT a few rules may not be a bad thing? Just not sure in reality how they will be enforced [yuk word…].
Interesting topic… not sure if I would buy the book… I would borrow it though! Anyone brought it yet???

Thursday, 26 July 2007

England's melting...

England's melting, England's melting.... quick someone call Al Gore!

No really, I watched the Inconvenient Truth last Sunday and then the rain fell... and fell.... and fell.... in the UK! Coincidence? I think not.
I really do not believe that Global Warming is simply hype anymore and to be honest I get a little miffed [angry -for those that have no clue what that means] when people try and play it down.
I find the whole thing very scary and I have to say I do feel a little powerless to do anything about it. It seems that Africa is 'only' 2.5% of the problem BUT that does not mean we need to continue contributing to the problem...

Visit The Inconvenient Truth site and see what you can start doing to make the change!

Monday, 23 July 2007

What are you reading..?

I think I read too many books at once. At the moment I am reading - THE SECRET (self help book about the law of attraction) worth the read for those needing a positive boost. I strangly had one or 2 'spooky' things happen whilst reading the book...eeeeaarrrryyyy.... and of course...HARRY POTTER and the Dealthy Hallows. I totally love Harry... I do however have an awful backlog of [what some may call real] books to read that I need to get cracking on... BUT since I have started writing this blog I have fallen way behind (OK, not the only reason).
So the bottom line the moment I am confusing controlling my thoughts and magic...hold on... whats the difference???

What are you lot reading?

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

It's a looong..looong road

Has anyone noticed that the lawlessness on the roads has got so much worse over the last few years [particularly in terms of people’s driving abilities]? I cannot believe how many people break the road laws in this country and I am not only talking about speeding. Being a mother, I am very conscious of driving well as I have precious cargo. It does however seem to me that a large number of the driving population have started driving like bad taxi drivers….and THAT is bad. It appears to be a kind of ‘they can do it, so can I’ approach.
Every morning and afternoon, without fail, I see taxis breaking the road laws. Whether it be by driving into the on-coming traffic to get ahead, racing up the inside lanes and then trying to push in over a solid white line or jumping a BRIGHT red traffic light. I am in awe of how often I see this and I am more frustrated at the absence of police to manage the situation. In fact I have often seen the metro police watch as taxis blatantly break road rules. I would love to have a ‘copper’ in the car with me some mornings just to point out the regular occurrences at the same places every morning…and to ask why are they not there.
In all fairness I have come across one or two polite taxi drivers, and they have really made my day. This morning however, was one of those days when I was unfortunate. As I pulled off from a traffic light, a taxi jumped the intersection, I hooted, he slowed down and then wound down his window and proceeded to shout drunken verbal obscenities at me [my daughter was not in the car… thank heavens]. To be honest I normally ignore this kind of driving [I learnt that a long time ago-I was getting so upset it was not worth it], but this morning I got such a fright my instant reaction was to hoot. I was actually a little afraid and then I got angry as I feel that my rights relating to safety on the road are being violated every day and if I attempt to ‘fight back’ the chances are I will be injured or worse [how do the actual passangers feel!! How awful to put your life in the hands of a bad driver every day]. Is that democratic? Is that fair? Surely, good policing is the only way to sort this out? BUT the reality is that taxis have been the same for ages, what is worrying me more now is the normal passenger cars that are jumping on board with the same practices… following suit.
What is your opinion… what can we do about this? Is there really a solution? Is it something the police need to work on? AND do you really think the average driver has any voice in this whole sad, dangerous story....... as a woman on the road I feel pretty powerless.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Happy Birthday Madiba!!!!

Tomorrow Madiba turns 89. Here is a man that is often a positive personal reference point in my mind. In fact the very thought of him makes me emotional. I once (back when he was president) had the privilege of meeting this giant of a man. I even got to shake his hand (I didn’t want to wash my hand after that!) I will never forget that, but being younger I don’t think I fully understood how special that moment actually was. In fact if I had to choose one person that I wanted to have a ‘coffee chat' with it would be Madiba. Understanding this great man a little better, I am sure would teach me some life lessons. We can all learn from him and I am unashamedly a fan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA! May we be graced with your magnificent brain and heart for years to come!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Can you change the world?

Heres a question...
Can one person really change the world? I mean, sure it seems obvious that people like Gandhi, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu and of course Madiba have clearly been leaders in the social/business/political sense and they have influenced and aided change. But did they really do it all alone? Didn't they have support teams? I know that sounds odd!
I have often been told by people that I can't change the world. My thought process around that has always been...'that may be your opinion but I would rather die trying'. Lately however, I have really started to wonder whether I actually can... is this really a one [wo]man job? Is it simply about leadership, taking risks, blind passion/ focus or being able to give selflessly without expectation OR is it more about providing the right 'thing' at the right time and place? What is the common denominator amongst 'world changers' in political, social and business environments? I would love to hear your views on this.... I just know that I would feel very unhappy if i stopped believing that somewhere, somehow, I could change the world even if it was one tiny step at a time....

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

South Africa's newest province?

Robert MUGabe never ceases to amaze me. The last few weeks have seen a sadder picture unfold in Zim. Watching people suffer is something that most people cannot handle, it is soul destroying especially so close to home. Lets recap a few of the things I have heard over the last few weeks [I am sure there is way more but this is just what I have heard]. Zim government is attempting to control escalating prices and have arrested business people for not complying with price reductions. People have no food, work, petrol or basic amenities and in some cases government has kicked people out of their homes and smashed them to the ground. The reason? Who really knows but my money is on total control.

So how long can this human rights abuse last? Our South African government is supposed to be mediating some sort of resolution to the economic crisis [as well as the human one I am sure] and talks were supposed to take place in SA yesterday… guess what….the Zim government didn’t pitch! Taking the soft approach is clearly not working, somehow though we just don’t seem to get that. The real change may only come when the people stand up in vast, hungry numbers against the man that so many years ago promised them a liberated and free Zimbabwe. MUGabe seems to have ‘claimed’ Zimbabwe and its riches for himself, forgetting his first role, is not to fill his Swiss bank account, but rather to serve his people.

You cant help but feel sorry that Zim has no Mandela leading a surge against human rights violations. A lack of competitive leadership has really hindered any people driven change. Word on the ‘street’ is that some Zimbos are having a debate about becoming SA’s newest province! That would be pretty cool, but scary, as we have problems of our own that we are still trying to sort out after nearly 13 ys!

Well, over the coming months we will all have to sadly watch the situation getting worse [inevitable]. Sometimes a dire situation can end up being catalyst for a positive result, like flushing out old governments and welcoming new leaders. One thing is for sure... Zim can forget being ‘rescued’ but an oil seeking ‘knight in shining armor’ [a.k.a. George Bush], they simply don’t fit the oil profile [they qualify on the madman leader front though]. In the end they will have to fix their problems from within. Let’s hope SA can help somewhere though.

Thursday, 05 July 2007

WINK and you are there!

Check out this site! For those of you that think you are anonymous or have a 'unique' name in the world! Think again... check out WINK.Type in your full name and this site searches the dark edges of the web for you!! YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!

'Great idea' these soggy cots!

There are some really cool sites like The Cool Hunter that showcase some really odd but cool things. As a mom I am often blown away by the size and expenditure in the kiddie market.
This idea is proof of how far people actually can go and still have a 'market'.. honestly! If people are making money off things like this what the hell are we doing?? I am not sure if this is cool or stupid but check it out! Offering customisation in a retro arty kinda way.... A CARDBOARD COT! (Sad thing is I would buy one!)
The site says 'It comes with the implicit invitation for creative mums and dads to paint it, graffiti, decoupage it. It's an assemble yourself story and I am sure it looks cool until, presumably, a small child decides to suck on it. Cute, simple, chic....and soggy. ' Now there's a business idea for someone!!

Monday, 02 July 2007

Mac or PC funny...

I thought this was very funny... I am such a MAC fan that I could not resist! Plus seeing white okes with no rhythm trying to rap is even funnier!!