Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Happy Birthday Madiba!!!!

Tomorrow Madiba turns 89. Here is a man that is often a positive personal reference point in my mind. In fact the very thought of him makes me emotional. I once (back when he was president) had the privilege of meeting this giant of a man. I even got to shake his hand (I didn’t want to wash my hand after that!) I will never forget that, but being younger I don’t think I fully understood how special that moment actually was. In fact if I had to choose one person that I wanted to have a ‘coffee chat' with it would be Madiba. Understanding this great man a little better, I am sure would teach me some life lessons. We can all learn from him and I am unashamedly a fan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA! May we be graced with your magnificent brain and heart for years to come!

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Mands said...

It is amazing how many 'ordinary' people have met him and how he has touched our lives. I also met him once in an everyday situation and I will never forget how he took the time to stop and chat to my friend and I. He is the most amazing man and I think we are all lucky to have him as an ambassador for all things great in this country.