Thursday, 05 July 2007

'Great idea' these soggy cots!

There are some really cool sites like The Cool Hunter that showcase some really odd but cool things. As a mom I am often blown away by the size and expenditure in the kiddie market.
This idea is proof of how far people actually can go and still have a 'market'.. honestly! If people are making money off things like this what the hell are we doing?? I am not sure if this is cool or stupid but check it out! Offering customisation in a retro arty kinda way.... A CARDBOARD COT! (Sad thing is I would buy one!)
The site says 'It comes with the implicit invitation for creative mums and dads to paint it, graffiti, decoupage it. It's an assemble yourself story and I am sure it looks cool until, presumably, a small child decides to suck on it. Cute, simple, chic....and soggy. ' Now there's a business idea for someone!!

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