Monday, 23 July 2007

What are you reading..?

I think I read too many books at once. At the moment I am reading - THE SECRET (self help book about the law of attraction) worth the read for those needing a positive boost. I strangly had one or 2 'spooky' things happen whilst reading the book...eeeeaarrrryyyy.... and of course...HARRY POTTER and the Dealthy Hallows. I totally love Harry... I do however have an awful backlog of [what some may call real] books to read that I need to get cracking on... BUT since I have started writing this blog I have fallen way behind (OK, not the only reason).
So the bottom line the moment I am confusing controlling my thoughts and magic...hold on... whats the difference???

What are you lot reading?


Anonymous said...

I still love the Monk that sold his Ferrari that you told me about. One of my best books.

Zani said...

Harry Potter... finally.

Anonymous said...

Sunday Independent, Darrel Bristow Bovey "But I digress..." (again),Wine magazine, the occasional cheap life styled parable to make me feel grateful and my latest speeding fine , looking for loop holes that may actually get me out paying for this - even though my major transgression (8km's Over a leeway amount) was an obvious sinister international threat to life and limb.