Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The bloggin thing

How very odd blogging is..... I mean really if you think about it. The actual fact that my view (whether its considered interesting or crap) is published in a blink of an eye WITHOUT any censoring...........don't you just LUUUUUV IT!

I had to reprogramme my brain to understand the concept at first. I remember thinking -when I first heard the term- that there was a link with a toilet somewhere! (I think that could be the case in some blogs!)

• Opinion!
• Being able to (at least feel like) you can change the world!
• Being able to feel like I can write a book.. FOR FREE!!! (and feel cool that no one reads it!)
• NO shrink fees... who needs them when the world is reading (or not!)
• Opportunity to inspire!
• Opportunity to keep things real!
• Opportunity to rant!
• Opportunity to SAY ANYTHING!
• I didnt need a degree in journalism!
• The 'wacko' factor was a concern for me.... There are so many odd balls in this global village- opening myself up.~eish scary!
• Believing I needed to be a programmer to do this! (This may be linked to age & a lack of knowledge on the topic in the 1st place. I am after all over the hill in this game at over 30!)
• The world viewing my thoughts! (Over-ruled by my drive to make a difference!)

So here I am.. the new kid on the block! YAHOOOOOOO! (No pun intended!)


Dondi said...

Howdy Sister!!!! Well I have to confess I'm a virgin when it comes to Blogging as well, but it looks like fun so I'll join in.
I have to agree with everything you said but especially the family importance. You wouldn't think so with me living so far away for the last decade, but really family to me is LIFE!! I cannot express how excited I am to be returning to the mother land. Finally, back to where people can understand me and my ways. A close second to that is real coffee beans, I'm going to miss my solid Vente Gingerbread Latte with soy milk, and oh don't I sound like a Yank with the essay to order a coffee, I know - I know what you are thinking. God, can't she just order a regular latte minus the non-fat, no sugar added, extra foam and no whip with soy milk - bloody ridiculous!!!! This is what I've resorted to in life. Getting technical is just the start of it. I've been learning and picking up the best of ways in the first world let me tell you....init from the UK!! And far out dude, like where is the mocha...from the USA. Its been a great journey but I'm so excited to be starting my new one back home. I'll keep writing whenever I can and thanks for introducing me to this I think I like it - hee hee.

Candice said...

Howdy Dondi! We need more SERIOUS coffee drinkers (with essay orders) in this country. Unfortuntely the only problem is the most 'out there' coffee I have see here is a BLOODY vanilla latte! I stand corrected???!

Looking forward to having your AFRITUDE back in the country!
Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey you 2!!!!!
Once again the last born gets left out!!! So not going to happen again...... Candice, but excuse me, have you forgotten about me??? Tuff you must make up another thing thats irritating you - and refer to me!! Hey you! Donni yes im talking to you! Just because u have just given birth to gorgeous baby does not exempt you from this!! I expect you too to talk about me as well. Okay???

Anonymous said...

Well you 2 at least I know im Moms favorite! ha ah ha ah ha ha..... YIP its true, so sorry to have to tell u 2 this... Shame dont worry I know she cares about you alot, hey Edna?

Candice said...

And right now I am thinking..... why oh why did I allow anonymous comments! Should have made you sign in!

Mike said...

Welcome dude, so good to have you on board...

graeme said...

So if you read Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Everything" he tells us that, in essence, human life as we know it today, which is an evolution of over many millions of years, "is still 98,4 % genetically indistinguishable from the modern chimpanzee."

So, we are insignificant beings in a the greater unknown at a stage of the universe's evolution which is absolutely incongruent with the experiences our environment brings us. Were fighting way outside our weight limit. Make the best of what you got coffee wise 'cause it aint gonna get better, wherever you choose to live..

Candice said...

Cool comment Graeme... will need to read that book.

graeme said...

Not sure how my comments ended up here... they should have been in one of the other subject line... put it down to "inexperience" (inexperience at my age ?) in this blogg thing.