Friday, 30 March 2007

Fear Factor realised...

Here's a question. What happened to freedom of speech? I believe if people find a TV show/Movie etc etc offensive..... dont watch. Life is more about choices than anything else. Your choices define who you are.

As I am new to the blogging community it concerns me greatly to read about Kathy Sierra (I think American blogger) who has a really nice blogging site and she is currently not blogging in it. Why you ask? Well because of a few sadistic, awful people that crossed the line to death treats and obscenities. Why would someone do this? To become famous... I just dont understand why? If you dont like it dont log in. What type of morals, homes, lives do these people have? What has happened to kindness in the world?

So, blogging gives relative media freedom to anyone and is that not a true democracy? I love the concept, people now owning their own content, being authentic and real and being part of a larger community that most people - especially in SA - dont even know exists. Life is truly not as it seems, this just points out that there is just so much more 2 it! I am 100% sure that everyone has their own drivers (for blogging), ego, fame, therapy but who really cares. As long as it makes you happy! Its kinda like reality TV but rather reality writing. My driver for this blog is knowledge and I suppose in a way therapy. I am interested in what people say and if my thoughts spark a comment or 2 that broaden my horizon then I will be happy. These are simply my views. I am not 2 fussed if people read it or not but if I can make a small postive change in someones life that would be cool!

There is sometimes a little fear factor for me regarding the wackos that stalk in the dark corners of WEB 2.0 but you cant worry about things like that, just as you cant worry about getting knocked over by a bus!! There is way 2 much to worry about in our normal lives anyway! As a person I need to be part of the revolution not sitting on the sidelines in fear (but then again I havent gone through what Kathy went through). We have to stand together! Live a little, be part of the new world... Blogging allows you to break society moulds, dont have to be a techie or a journalist. You just have to be you and have something to say! VIA BLOGGING!


Zani said...

We live in a violent world where people thrive on hurting others whether they know them or not.... and the funny thing is that no one can explain it.

PS. I almost got hit by a bus today.. for real! A big red one! But I'm still alive and kickin!

Candice said...

Alive kicking and bloggin!

Zani said...

Oh yes... and bloggin. It's nice, I like it!