Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Where has all the time gone?!

Yip. I think there is something in the air! What a day!
Rain seems to make people crazy and forget how to drive! Bloody hell! We need the rain but not the frustrations that come with it. Do you think that 'rain driving' is a South African thing? Does this happen in the States Don?

Being a mother and attempting to run a business is... well lets just say its pretty damn difficult! Being a grown up is really not that much fun at times. CONSTANTLY TRYING TO FIND THE BALANCE! Today is one of those days! I am sure there are hundreds of moms that have these days! A big'ol mom community out there that have all the same experiences. Hats off to the single moms! I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! Big smiles and 'I loves you's' definitely take the pain away at the end of the day though.

Where does time go nowadays anyway? My view.... YIP MY BLOG MY VIEW (how liberating!) All the communication tools available today (this blog being a point in case) just shortens the important time we have for our family and ourselves. Who can do hobbies and cool stuff anymore (without rushing)? Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I have a business that consumes me? I would love to hear if anyone out there has the same time issues? No wonder we have so many different killer sicknesses. No time=no balance diet= fat arse=grumpy moods= stressed out= sick.....NOT COOL! I have to say the thought of a quiet farm far, far away does defiantly appeals to me ALOT, but I ain't a farm gal and would soon tire of that I think (my view on camping is a WHOLE NEW BLOG.. watch this space).

Ah well.. thats that day gone. What better way to finish with a quote to giggle at "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx

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Zani said...

Hey hey... I'll agree on that one! Where has the time gone? Where has this freaking year gone?! Can't believe that I've been away for a whole year. Missed traffic 'drama's' for a whole year.... missed summer rain for a whole year (i just had rain ALL the time).

Its raining over here today after yesterday's great sunny hot day.

Love ya... miss ya... C YA SOOOOOON