Tuesday, 03 April 2007

Have a GAS!

This may not be everyones sense of humor.... my ears are already ringing from the lecture I am going to get from my mother! BUT I thought this was TOTALLY hilarious! Crude sure... possibly offensive... YES.... but still funny! It may be a little jerky on your machine if you have 'narrow' band (broad bands poor sister- for those in my family that are not technical).

WHY DO PEOPLE DO THESE THINGS... I really dont understand.. even planning this is ODD.. isn't it? Don't they work or go to school?

Turn up the sound have a gas! We all need it!


Jenni said...

Absolutely hilarious Cand. My sense of humour.

Candice said...

I knew someone else had to have a nutty sense of humour! (Must be a family thing)