Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Italy - Venice - Day 1

So, the child that screamed was 2 rows behind us on the ‘big taxi in the sky’, but in reality she wasn’t that bad. Some old oke in front of us was worse, snoring so loud that I was sure he was going suck up all the air on the plane. Also, every time he took a breath in his mouth, he let air out his backside because there was a constant stink around him!

Anyway, our stop in Zurich made me realise how much I love S Africa. There is a relative freedom in an unstructured environment. Swiss precision is a little boring, boxed and not really all that colourful. Its not for me (could get used to the chocolate though… A LARGE LINDT SHOP!) Eish heaven!

Venice is a wonderful city that is really different culturally, boats are the cars and the age of the place makes me think that whilst we sleep, the city will slowly sink beneath the surface of the ocean. The problem with Venice in my mind is the number of tourists and the pollution/litter and bloody doves (flying rats) - see picture taken in St Marks Square. I was also horrified to see so much graffiti on ancient buildings. Very sad.

There is something special about Italy, a feeling that kinda makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. I think it’s the combination of historic infrastructure, religion, romantic notions (Casanova/Venice), colourful/expressionist people, fantastic design/fashion and yummy food. Not really sure what it is, I just love it. We are in Venice for 2 days, I couldn’t do more than that without boredom and bankruptcy setting in and then we move onto Tuscany…..

Will keep you posted!



Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Yip its me your baby sis!!!
My niece looks so cute. I miss her sooooooooooo much! Tell her she better buy that pink dress for me. Everything here is good. I miss you all.

Graeme said...

So you are missing us (and SA) already ? I must tell you it was a beautiful CTN morning, up at early dawn with the mountain in that clear, crisp fragile light. As for the Italians, no I dont think so apart for the food, would take the Swiss anyday. You know the defintion of heaven and hell in terms of the 4 European nationalities ?

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you are still taking time to write every day. Love reading about your trip. Food is definately in the forefront - Chow insead of Ciao!! Enjoy every minute - take care angel!

Candice said...

Thanks for all the comments!! Keep em coming! Need to hear the one about the 4 European nationalities!!

Graeme said...

Well it goes along the lines of Heaven is where the English are the police, the Germans are the engineers, the Italians are the cooks and the French are the lovers. Alternatively, Hell is where the Germans are the police, the Italians are the engineers, the English are the cooks and the French are still the lovers..

Have a cool time.