Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Flying 'high'!

OK, so today I go to Italy, busy sitting at the airport and once again cannot help but think of a VERY large toilet! I think there is something wrong with me……
It just seems it’s the most public place on earth…. A BIG PUBLIC toilet, full of germs and stinky people.

You really do see some sites here, all sorts going about their business trying to waste time (aren’t humans funny). The most captive environment I suppose you can be in – besides a prison! If you are not in a business class lounge you will pay through your backside to eat and drink! Tap water is looking good.

Eish! There is a child currently screaming on top of his lungs, and I am sure that somehow out of all the thousands milling about here, I will sit next to him… or a stinky socked, odd ball that oozes onto my seat! So as you can see I am ecstatic about flying.

OK. Gotta go and squash onto the big taxi in the sky. Looking really forward to that whole communal toilet sharing part , especially cleaning someone else’s toothpaste out of the basin in the morning!

Will try and keep you all posted when I get there (if my Vodaom bloody works).


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