Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Water can read!?

I LOVE pioneers especially the kind that keep me thinking.

There is a doctor called Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan who has done some fantastic work on 'reading' water crystals. Yip... reading water! One of the things he does is strap words to water bottles -facing the water - like 'love' and 'hate' to two seperate bottles- he then studies the water from each bottle under the microscope and the results are facinating! The water reads or rather responds!! (See the pic showing words 'beautiful' and 'dirty')
A good friend recommended a fantastic movie/documentry called 'What the Bleep do you know' which is definatly worth a watch. In the movie they briefly touch on Emoto's water research and they make the comment, 'our bodies are 90% water, if words can have this effect on bottled water can you image what they can do to us.......".

This whole thing got me thinking... YIP... I can think......! I will never look at my bath water in the same light again, I mean, should you talk to the water?! Does it like soap?! Should I be strapping postive words to my body if I am 90% water- how the hell do I do that and will it work? I am crazy enough to try it so I will provide feedback! Will the body respond? Is that why people are compelled to tattoo their bodies.. EISH! Some are destined to be grumpy forever with the kak they have done..... also what about drinking water. Oh YA!...the same happened whether they used Japanese or English words on the bottles.... [scary movie sound effects].

Anyway, if you have time to look this up (ha ha), do it (maybe see that movie), there are more water crystal pics to see that are wonderful. Personally this has changed my view of water that's for sure... a little creepy in a way, but helluva facinating!

"You cannot see anything that you do not first contemplate as a reality."- Ramtha


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this water theory, its soooo interesting!!!!