Monday, 16 April 2007

Firenze - Day 3

Come va!

The weekend in Firenze has been noisy but great, people here are NOT aggressive at all.... they are truly ‘lovers, not fighers’.

We have eaten so much I actually think I may be bursting, luckily we walk a lot so I suppose I could feel worse! We saw the Boticelli painting ‘Birth of Venus’ yesterday at the Uffuzi Gallery. One walk around that gallery (Leonardo, Michelangelo etc) and one starts to wonder……where have all these masters gone (wasn’t there a song like that…. on no.. that was ‘where have all the cowboys gone’) same thing I suppose? Do we really have any artists in the new world that have made such a vast contribution to the world as a whole…..?
Maybe I have just missed them or maybe they just come in different forms/applications?

This city oozes culture….once again don’t come here if you are not into art, food, wine, people and great design. We drove out to a ‘little’ town called Lucca on the outskirts of Florence, but I think everyone was disappointed that the town wasn’t very small at all. I was outnumbered so we made the fatal mistake of driving on, in search of the elusive undiscovered Tuscan village. It kinda reminded me of chasing the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow….. Town after town of industrial kak, we managed a little deviation into the hills that was great BUT when we found a place to eat it was closed because it was Monday!!! So although I am 100% sure that the little elusive Tuscan village does exists, we haven’t got a week to find it!! I realised (after a day stuck in the car) just as we relented and finally stopped to eat somewhere for lunch…. looking at a menu we could not understand…..trying to converse in a foreign language… a roadside place that looked just like a truckers stop… that….. I have no patience. I may have to seek help!

So we are back in Firenze again going out for dinner…..I am looking forward to moving on to the Amalfi coast and some fresh air.. and more food (it fascinates me that the human condition is such that we are bored so easily) And some call this progress!

Tomorrow is another Tuscan day… beats work that’s for sure!


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Graeme said...

SO you have Florence and all I have is coffee in Sandton City ! Life is not fair ! Do you know the story regarding MIchaelangelo ? When asked the question on how managed to create such wonders such as David and the Madonna and child, he responded by sayong that all he did was to "release" them from the block of Carera marble. They were always in there, he simply took away that which was not them. It wasn't anything special at all... yeah right !