Friday, 06 April 2007

Easter Bunny wins!

Its Easter [just incase you didnt know] and I started thinking whilst chomping the ears off a Lindt chocolate bunny....[simply to die for by the way] where the hell did the Easter Bunny come from? Not sure if any of you knew, but I was a little disappointed to find after doing some research... that the story is somewhat boring!

"The legend of the Easter Bunny is far from a modern invention. Long ago, the rabbit was the earthly symbol of the pagan goddess Eastre, and was worshipped in the pagan festival of Eastre. Germans brought the legend of the Easter rabbit to America, though Easter itself wasn't widely celebrated in America until after the Civil War. The hare has long been a symbol of fertility and renewal of life -- which fit in with the Christian tradition of Easter and the tradition of Easter eggs." [snore...snore]

So what can we learn from this?
We can blame the yanks for making the bunny an Easter icon - and chocolate nogal!
So much great marketing has been done on the bunny that I am sure that most kids [and adults] don't even think of the Christian element. Pretty sad really, that at a time when children should be learning the importance of giving, they seem more interested in getting! Welcome to the new world.

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