Monday, 28 May 2007

Cheese with that Whine?

I have to say I am concerned… AND if I were a wine farmer in the Cape attempting to leave a legacy, I would be even more concerned. It seems that global warming is a little more than a little problem for the SA wine industry . And this is a HUGE problem for me [LOVE wine]…. Sadly this ain’t the first time I have heard the rumblings of ‘mad scientists’ predicting a future of dry barren grounds down south.

This is one confused planet... and we made that happen [more so our friends up North, but we are 'helping']! Fortunately, the right questions are finally being asked, BUT how serious do people really think this problem is. How seeeereearse do you think it is? The seriousness becomes crystal clear [no pun intended] when I tell you that in a bizzare twist the poms….yes I said POMS…..are beginning to win wine
awards! What the hell is going on??

So lets cast our minds to the future...Where have all the SA ‘whiners’ gone [sure we could lose some.. but not these]!? Eish!! We ALL have to move quick and Save the World! now! OR face the consequences and import wine from the UK!!
(Pic: Groote Post Winery- my favourite sav blanc wine)


Candice said...

Jax thanks for the header for this post!
Graeme, in NO WAY was I refering to you when I said 'mad scientists'......even though you are always in die Kaap!

Zani said...

Good choice!