Monday, 18 June 2007

Band-aid for AFRICA!

You know when something is so obvious that it hits you right between the eyes and you go....'why the hell didnt I think of that'. We have a country of diverse skin tones, YET when shopping for plasters (band aids... whatever) I havent seen any offering different skin tone options. Why the hell not? Then I came across Ebon-Aide. Has anyone seen anything like this in SA? Please let me know if you have.....
It strikes me as odd though that on the whole, European/USA type product ranges are still 'forced' [sure we buy them, its called limited choice] into African countries by suppliers ['a buying strategy' I am sure], with a seemingly below the line kind of arrogance and no-one says anything...or do they? Children play a huge role in the plaster target market (Scooby, Cinderella you name it!) BUT brown toned plasters??
Whilst on the subject of children...check out the doll section at your local toy shop...these are generally still not weighing in Africa's favour [I can hear the Marketers markets..aimed at LSM Blah blah]. Sure I have seen the odd brown toned doll here and there but generally, out there on the shelves, it's still very much 1993. What are we saying 2 our children?

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