Monday, 04 June 2007

The Face[ache] Community

I belong to a few online communities and one of those, that is without a doubt a lot of fun is Facebook. There is however only one tiny problem… I am battling to find friends my own age [that I know]. I didn’t think that I was that OLD! I am 35 for heavens sake! In a way I can understand it, my generation [in SA at least] is the ‘lost’ generation of the IT era!! No personal computers and cell phones for us when we were growing up unless of course we had rich parents [which I didn’t].
I would love to see the age stats for the Facebook community. What finally brought this age thing home to me was finding my 17yr old step daughter on Facebook AND the fact that one of my more junior friends told me I was ‘hip for my age’…what does that actually mean??

I would love to use this tool to meet up with old school friends but alas I have no idea what their married names are! One little kink in the Face[ache]book armour! But then again [I remind myself] they are not catering for ‘us’ married lot…they want the unmarried under 25’s to join and share. SHARE…now that is something that takes getting used to. I have to say I battle a little, especially the 'add picture' part! AHH! There are spaces to fill in your whole life history, even to upload..or rather dowload a urine sample [no only kidding..coming soon though]. So right now my profile is up in ‘lights’ with a particularly bad picture, so I’m told. Who cares though, its such fun! "You can't be on FACEbook without a picture of your face!"

Well one thing is comforting my friends are older..cause they ain’t on the fab Facebook!!!


Graeme said...

Feeling old at 35 and lacking friends ? Try reversing that number and adding the sum of the two. But it does work, I did trace one old (truly) collegue. As for the picture story, I think life should be a little mysterious and I am hunting for that elusive picture which portrays that mysterious side of me. Where did I hide that "airbrush" software ?

tracy thompson said...

Actually I hadnt heard of Facebook (work to much)till last week when a friend mentioned to me how much fun it was and then last night I saw a book in Exclusive Books all about Facebook. Now I dont mind putting a photo up, as long as I have had a chance to work my magic in photoshop, make my eyes bluer, my hair redder and my cheeks

Zani said...

That means that you are always keen to try new things. You always have good comments and cool things to say even if the toppic or question is a bit weird or strange. That's all. And 35 is sooo not old, my grandparents who are in their 70's and 80's is are old! You can chill on the old feeling for a good couple of years!!!

Candice said...

Ok. I do really think age is a state of mind, but a few reality checks do pop up every now and then!!

Candice said...

Graeme, loooove the airbrush comment.. Soooo Hollywood! Trace, move that butt and get onto Face[ache]!