Friday, 22 February 2008

The 'White Tribe' of SA I go again...
The Black Journalist's Forum has just attempted to justify why white journalists are not invited to the 'open discussion' today with the 100% Zulu- Mr 'JZ.
Sorry dudes, whatever you say to justify, in my books is just not justifiable...How can the exclusion of any segment of the population be justified anymore? There are now less than 4 million whites in this country out of around 48 million, is this the start of kak things to come? Where is democracy?
On 702 I just heard some dude [journo] say the reason whites were excluded was because they were not to be trusted with information that was discussed in a closed forum?

Two things here….. should this be a closed forum in light of the current problem with the lack of communication in the country? Do the people of the country not have the right to know what is happening behind closed doors when their futures' could potentially be impacted by the discussion? Is it not the media's job to do ensure this happens!? Enough is enough with the cloak and dagger.

Secondly, why would there be a mistrust of whites to hold information? Is that not in itself racist and generalist?
Has the dream of building at rainbow [nation] begun to crumble? Leaders advertising tribal preferences and intolerance seems to be on the rise. Sadly it seems that some are happy with the ‘white tribe’ being at the bottom of the pile when it comes to discussions/participating in anything to do with the future. I thought we were on the way to more tolerance and healing…? I will never deny that the past was a horrendous thing for black South Africans. As a white person, I sadly cannot change the past, but I know I can be part of building a better future. People that justify this kind of split are really just perpetuating the past all over again. When are we really going to move on? Maybe JZ will boycott the event [I am an optimist actually!]?? Lets wait and see...

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