Saturday, 16 February 2008

Barack for President

I have mentioned in previous posts that Barak Obama could teach our Government a thing or 2 about inspirational leadership. The best SA can do at the moment is Zuma and his 'inspirational' song about violent machinery and sadly some call that inspiration [because of its history]. A reminder... we are now in the present, not the past and we need to find a different song that brings us all together to build a better SA for all....

Check out this video as an example [made in support of Barack Obama]. It seems to be made for SA!

PS: I am now an offical Barack fan...sorry Hillary

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Anonymous said...

I agree entirely. Our leaders have better things to do than inspire us. Its not part of thier Mandate right? But Mshini Wami does however have a smack of "aluta continua" to it. I think for working class Southies, the struggle continues and for them he probably is bloody inspirational. I hate to sound so blatantly Marxist but the history of man is one of class struggle. It seems for us it always be that way. That dude Obama, however, is such a rock star, i think that might be his downfall. Gotta love it though!