Tuesday, 01 July 2008


We seem to be rewarding incompetence everywhere at the moment..A brilliant point in case is the recent Post Office saga. Firstly let me note that there is no-one I know that has had a pleasent experience at any of our Post Offices. Please let me know if I am wrong here. The staff are rude and never smile [they seem to get trained on how to operate at snail pace]. They are a typical government department as far as I am concerned. We also all know [through experience] that theft is rife...SOOOO when
Amazon issued a statement to say that they would no longer deal with the the SA POST OFFICE [making our country the only African country to have this ban], because of theft noone was really surprised. Embarrased maybe but not surprised!

This week the Post Office was voted Business of the Year 2008. Surprise!! No joke either apparently...the judges must have been stuck on a deserted island for the last few years...or was this a 'political decision' and someone is being paid/bribed. I simply do not understand, when the customer base has the worst view of a business how they can be voted Business of the Year?? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!!!

Does this mean that in one week the Post Office has managed to clean up its thieving, bad service act to win an award....COME ON...

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