Sunday, 21 October 2007

Rugby and me..

Ok. Its a known fact that I am NOT a rugby fan [broadening that a tad…. I am not a sports fan]. So imagine my total horror last night when [in a bit if an out of body experience] I found myself screeching like a banshee [complete met green and gold stripes painted on my face] and even worse…. refereeing from my armchair about forward passes [it sounded good when I said it] and ‘up and unders’ [which I have to say I find enormously irritating]. So the lesson in this whole affair is as follows.. I am South African and I am proud of that fact… no matter what we are doing as a country.. at that level, I will become interested and to be frank.. hope we ‘crunch’ the opposition. I am nervous for 2010 as I think I will have to buy a new wardrobe [green and gold version]…. Here’s hoping our soccer dudes can kick some seeerrrreeouss butt otherwise I may have to increase my intake of heartburn tabs!!

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