Monday, 27 August 2007

The unhealthy state of our nation...

I can’t help but comment on the unhealthy situation in our Health Dept. I have until now, attempted to be balanced when it comes to my view of Manto but surely NOW she should just be graceful and step down? The list of faux pas seems to have become too long and the reality is that health is one of the key challenges we face in this country. Is this lady physically [or mentally] fit for the challenge? We need passion, energy, commitment, logic and action in the health department.
The moment the nutrition vs anti-retros came up 2 years ago, the president should have realized that there was a problem. The deptartment is clearly in crisis when it comes to meeting expectations/objectives. Does gov. not have performance criteria?

There is now enough scientific proof to favour anti-retrovirals [nutrition is of course very NB in the fight, but not alone!]. I was pretty shocked to see that there actually is a site called Sack Manto. Does this not indicate the desperation people are feeling? This is now no longer funny. What makes me a little irratated is that Manto is a public servant that clearly no longer has mass credibility [unless I have missed something?]. She should step down until an investigation proves otherwise [can perceptions be changed here though?]. I personally feel like my taxes are paying for a 'bad employee' to sit on the payroll. It seems that no matter what facts are presented no action is taken? Why? Does anyone know another side that is not being reported?

You just have to read a few of her comments to see there is some truth to what is being reported by the media. Why does the president stand behind her? It seems he has developed a pattern of stubbornness [or dictatorship?] that is odd to say the least (Mug-abe is another one standing under Mbeki’s umbrella). I just wish I could understand his logic here? If the president would communicate, we may understand this story for his side? BUT then again, who are we… the simple minions that dare have a say when it comes to the future of this country… why listen to us…?


Zani said...

I personally think that our president is supporting her because he is dealing with the same 'health' problems. I sometimes think that the president is not too sure about how much we actualy know about him.

Mands said...

Zani I have to agree with you.
Cand we should all have realised by now that once a government/president has been voted into POWER they seem to forget that they are "employed by the people". It happens all over the world. Promises made to get them there and then forgotten.

Zani said...

And I am almost sure that the day that his liver fails he will use his power/status to jump the line.