Wednesday, 05 November 2008


Ok I feel that coming out of my blogging drought to talk about one of the most historic events of all time was way worth it!!

BARACK OBAMA has been voted president of the United States of America [for those of you that have been asleep today] and as an African I could not be prouder! He just has such class and dignity it is unbelievable….. I mean the guy is one of the true leaders left in politics that actually has that emotional connection with his constituency and beyond! In fact, the beyond part is the most interesting..the world needs him…we all need to believe in that kind of person again. I am sure his apparent integrity [ok I know he is still a politician!] is one of the main reasons for my love of the man. I am unsure in my own mind how much of my joy is because he is African or simply because I now know that the Americas are actually not as narrow minded as I thought they were when it comes to doing the right thing, in this case the broader world will benefit [YAY]. Lets face it the alternative for them was bleak and they could just not afford to elect another Bush and Dick show..

Full marks for the new voters and the ones that believe in change. Making the right decision on this guy who just happens to be half AFRICAN! He is also truly half African not ‘African American’ that is really code for American with a darker skin colour!! Not sure how many “African Americans’ would cope in Africa! Don’t get me started on the ‘African American’ debate….I am more African than most those people and I am white. Being an African is so much more about your soul and culture than your skin colour. This man with a Kenyan dad will understand the African soul.

Africa is rejoicing…I loved the post by Chris Roper
from News 24 where he said “Well, now we can all pull into Barack's place and sleep on the floor next time we visit America” that is just so African and I am sure that is how Obama makes people feel, like they know him….like we are all family … the world may begin to heal.

So well done Mr Obama! You really deserve your victory, no pressure BUT the world awaits your brilliance, and I’m so hoping that you will show them what an African can really do.. we need to unite! Viva Africa! Viva Obama!

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