Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Opting for a Simpler Life...

It was apt that the last line of my previous post was 'I am speechless', because I have been for a month now...Just had lots going on in my life and needed to take a step away from the technology noose to have a bit of a breather…

So… whilst I've been on my techno-free sabbatical lots has happened. Namely, next month my family [almost in its entirety], are moving to a small farming village outside Cape Town. Can you image that…..? From the hustle and bustle of JHB to a village in the Cape. We decided to ‘check out’ of the rat race to live a simpler, safer, healthier [etc, etc] life.

We are doing it mainly for our kids and in the end, although some think we are mad, we believe it’s the correct thing to do for us. This got me wondering why we all work in the first place….? I’ve asked myself that question over and over recently, only to realize that my main reason [not the only one] is to improve our family standard of living. This move will do that in one swoop but the trade off is having limited, to no access to a higher city income and the 'things' that come with that. I think many of us at some stage make the mistake of thinking that ‘things’ bring us happiness or that we HAVE to work here, or do this, or that to 'pay the bills'. Age brings clarity, and I am grateful that I am still young enough to have realised, that is not necessarily the case. I am simply happiest when I am with my family and when I am mentally simulated. I can do that having the basics, in a smaller house, with a smaller car [or maybe a bicycle] and I really don’t need to fall into the ‘must have things trap’. I can also develop my business differently [technology makes us global..yippee] and look for different avenues that may not be as lucrative but just as satisfying.

This kind of decision is a massive one to make, especially as my husband and I come from many years in the rat race corporate mentality. However, in saying that, once we had made the decision it was easy to do the rest. I am nervous of the small village [its not even a town size] mentality as I am a city gal at heart but I will survive I am sure!!

It may be the right time to also ask yourselves the question, why do you really work... to feed your kids and put a roof over their heads?....Can you not do that on less? Do you really need all the 'things'...why do we all wait till we are nearly dead to try a simpler life!?

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