Thursday, 05 June 2008

Obama wins! WhooHooo!

Obama is ‘King’ of the Democrats…!!!
There is hope in the world once again! Lets just hope the Americans see that a democratic presidential nomination is the only way forward.

I appreciate that nobody could ever be like Madiba, but is this man not pretty close? He appears to be a mix of Madiba and Martin Luther King! Wow! The best thing is that he is African! What a combo….! He is an inspiration and although I doubt any politician [or person!] is ever 100% authentic in nature, Obama comes across as pretty damn close. He seems to really be for the people!

Sorry Hillary, I like you, but now in order to ensure the democrats win against the Republicans [is McCain not 2 old- seems to shuffle everywhere?] you need to stand by the man!

Check out his acceptance speech...

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