Friday, 11 April 2008

Unfair Dismissal: David Bullard

It is totally undemocratic and sad for me that David Bullard [who I am personally not a major fan of personality wise] was fired yesterday for his controversial article. I do enjoy reading his column even though I don’t agree all the time.

Assessing the situation there are a few dodgy things with the whole firing episode:
The guy is paid to be controversial. He is paid to piss people off… is he not? I know that I have been mad a few times with what he has written BUT that is his opinion and if you don’t like it don’t read it..The last time I checked we lived in a democracy? I mentioned to someone earlier today that part of a democracy is that you will sadly always have to listen to some siloed arse’s view of life on a topic…tolerance in these situations is key [even with arses]. We seem to have a lot to learn looking at the reader comments made under David's post.
Secondly, it seems he submitted the copy for checking to the Sunday Times 3 days before ??? Who is getting chopped there???
An important point that seems to be missed was his mention of China. I have a strong view that....a new, silent form of colonialism is being driven by greedy African leaders. ‘Selling’ our precious Africa bit by bit to the Chinese for 100 year [concessions] at a time. These guys don’t care, they will be a long time dead when the African people wake up to the fact that they don’t own Africa anymore! Is that not the colonialism we as Africans should all be fighting?? That would be better than fighting each other! I just wish we would stop looking back to the old form of this problem and start seeing the new looming problems so we can deal with them..
It scares me a little that things like this Bullard thing can happen…what does it say about our democracy..? Sure we preach Freedom of Speech but the small print seems to read ‘only if you conform to 'our' view’….We need help. [Sunday Times has lost so much credibility with one stupid political decision which seemed to be based on uncontrolled emotion]

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