Friday, 04 January 2008

and they'rrrre off...Media Prostitutes 2008

and its only January!

I,mmmm baaaaacccck.... Went to Durbs on holiday [was a great break]. Tried my best not to touch my computer...YA RIGHT..I didn't do all that well BUT managed to stay away from it for long periods of time [hence the lack of blogs!].

So it’s the new year…I always feel a sense of excitement in the air around this time…a fresh start… so great…..!

Sadly this year certain media stories have been dragged into the ‘2008 fresh start’, locally Zuma is the nemesis and internationally Britney Spears [/Paris Hilton] is a topic I would rather avoid.

We can, of course, look at this differently....So here we go.....a ‘toast’ to the new year Media prostitutes…:

Here’s to you Mr Zuma….. hoping you do not become the next president of our country...[not sure who has the worse problem at this stage...The US has someone called Huckabee with Chuck Norris as his sidekick wanting to be the next president]?? *Ching Ching*
...and here’s to you Ms Spears…..hoping that you wake up from your selfish slumber and remember that you actually did give birth to 2 children, that need you to be sober and drug free...oh ya and actually around… sadly the world is not tiring of your trashy antics. *Ching ching*

Actually, I hear Zuma is to marry again...maybe Brits is available once she is out of hospital…? Not sure how many wives/mistresses or showers one man can legally have? Can you imagine that one….Eish.

It’s going to be one interesting media year! Lets hope in the midst of the trash some good moral leadership emerges...

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Macy said...

Great post. Don't want my children reading what's in the media today. But not reading is also bad.