Sunday, 09 December 2007

Call off Christmas...?

Has Christmas lost its message? My mother-in-law went on today about how kak Christmas is, because it's lost it's value. I agree that it's so easy to fall into the trap of rushing and thinking only of what gifts to purchase or what we will get..

My thoughts of this time of year are generally about giving and family...BUT I don't deny that the gift issue is alot more pressurising with all the Marketing in your face and a 6 yr old hanging on your leg.

So a question, 'What Christmas plans do you have to teach your children about giving this year?
Have they cleared out their cupboards [not just removing the broken toys], visited an orphanage or spent time with someone that is lonely? Surely at least one of these should be part of a child's memories of Christmas? I thank my mother for making these part of my memory bank. The materialist child knows nothing more than 'what's coming for me', this makes Christmas temporarily exciting sure, but this needs to be balanced with the understanding of giving to form a deeper connection with this time of year.

We all want the world to be a better place and as parents we can assist with making that happen. We need to take any opportunity we get [should really be constant] to teach giving otherwise all we are breeding are a group of uncaring takes..and we are doomed... in that case I say call off Christmas.. whats the point?....
[I understand the religious context for this time of year, but this needs to be brought to life so that children can understand and experience meaning]

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